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4 Tech Tools That Every Fitness Studio Needs in 2020

Connie Holen | November 15, 2019


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Is Your Fitness Studio Prepared for a Recession?

Ntiedo Etuk | October 28, 2019


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How Millennium Dance Complex Changes Lives Using FitGrid Follow-Ups

Nicole | October 3, 2019


4 Tech Tools That Every Fitness Studio Needs in 2020

Fitness Studios that want to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively have hundreds of digital tools to choose from, including marketing, email, waivers, scheduling, a...

Is Your Fitness Studio Prepared for a Recession?

Rumblings of an economic recession have been in the air for months. Early indicators suggest consumers are already tightening up their spending. Unfortunately for fitness studio ow...

How Millennium Dance Complex Changes Lives Using FitGrid Follow-Ups

Chelsea McGriff, owner of Millennium Dance Complex in Las Vegas, knew that her studio’s market was much different than Millennium’s sister studios -- and that their approach to cli...

How to Use Client Segmentation to Boost Retention

Targeted Engagement + Actionable Insights = Increased Retention & Revenue

Why Your Fitness Studio Needs Client Feedback to Survive

Have you ever read or heard a negative review about your fitness studio and wondered what could have been done to prevent it? Or asked yourself if you could have intercepted this e...

Segment More Strategically for Better Client Relationships

As a studio owner, do you sometimes walk in the door and wonder “what can I do today to improve my business?” and find yourself not knowing the answer?

Retain Your Fitness Instructors to Retain Clients

Instructors often take a back seat to clients in terms of the attention they receive at the fitness studio,  but their happiness is just as important. A fitness instructor’s attitu...

How The Bar Method Bonds with Clients Using FitGrid

As a newer studio location in a fitness market as saturated as New York City, one of the top challenges owners face is attracting and retaining clients. 

Converting First-Time Visitors to Regular Clients

It may be relatively easy to attract new clients to your fitness studio, but the most difficult aspect of the sales cycle is getting clients to come back regularly. First-time visi...

Empower Your Fitness Instructors to Increase Retention

It’s not a secret that acquiring new customers costs much more (time and money) than retaining current ones, especially in the boutique fitness industry. Fitness requires consisten...

How to Retain Your Fitness Clients Through Social Media

One of the biggest challenges faced by studios is turning first-time clients into regulars. Oftentimes, the easiest way to bridge this gap is by using the one tool that almost ever...

5 Things Successful Fitness Instructors Do Every Day

As a fitness instructor, your job is not as simple as most; your role in a client’s life is a significant factor in their success. The effort and passion you put into your job has ...