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5 Ways Studios Can Celebrate International Day of Yoga Virtually

Lindsay Mcclelland | June 17, 2020

International Day of Yoga is coming up on June 21.

Although this year promises to be quite different than in the past, the “holiday” still presents an opportunity for studios to reconnect with students and celebrate the practice that brought them through your doors in the first place. 

Without large-scale yoga classes with thousands of attendees taking place in public places like Times Square, this year’s International Day of Yoga will be celebrated virtually. Here are our tips for the best ways to do that: 

Flow for a Cause

Yoga is all about giving back, so a charity or donation class is the perfect way to celebrate. It’s also a great way to reengage with your clients, especially those who haven’t tried your live-stream offerings yet! 

Choose a charity that’s reputable and willing to help promote the class to its audience.  Evolution Power Yoga in Pennsylvania regularly partners with Africa Yoga Project to bring the transformational practice of yoga to youth in Africa, while Modo Yoga LA teaches weekly “karma classes” that benefit a wide variety of local and international charities throughout the year. 

By using FitGrid LIVE for your charity classes, you’ll be able to host students worldwide and not just in your local area. The bigger the class, the bigger the donation! 

Make It a Family Affair

Add a special family class to your schedule on Sunday, June 21. In addition to being International Day of Yoga, it’s also Father’s Day, making it the perfect time to schedule a theme class appropriate for the whole family. 

By offering a live-streamed family class you’re giving your students a way to bond with their family through yoga and connect with each other on-screen!


Stack your schedule with special live-streamed co-teaches from your studio’s top-performing instructors. Co-teaches are a fun, interactive way to theme your live-streaming classes and highlight your most popular instructors. 

If you’re not sure which instructors to feature, head to your dashboard and check your instructor reports and client feedback surveys to see which teachers your students love the most!

Go Beyond the Asana

With festivals and retreats canceled this year, consider bringing meditations and workshops to your schedule virtually. Celebrating International Day of Yoga is a great reason to expose your students to everything yoga encompasses beyond the physical practice. Offer a meditation workshop, singing bowls performance, or journaling session.

By making this type of content accessible for your members, you’ll keep them connected to your business. 

Drop an Exclusive Promotion 

Use International Day of Yoga as a way to remind your students that you want them to keep practicing with you! Run a one-day or limited-time promotion on classes or packages to incentivize them to keep coming back—virtually or in-person.

While International Day of Yoga might look different this year, you can still celebrate the practice and engage your studio community to do the same. 

FitGrid makes your studio’s live-streaming experience easier than ever. Sign up for a FREE trial of FitGrid and start live-streaming your classes anytime, from anywhere. 


Lindsay McClelland manages social media and influencer marketing for FitGrid. As a self-proclaimed "people person" who loves group fitness classes for the social aspect, she was immediately drawn to FitGrid for its innovation in keeping fitness communities together during a crisis. Her passion for fitness and wellness brands stems from her personal interests as a yoga teacher, competitive marathon runner, and former collegiate swimmer.

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