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Announcing FitGrid's New Feature: Win-Backs

Danielle | June 24, 2019

Lure former clients back to your fitness studio with FitGrid Win-Backs!

Noticing a decrease in your fitness studio’s attendance and retention rates lately? We know life gets in the way from time to time and things are bound to come up, but a simple message from an instructor inviting a client back to class could be enough to motivate them to return. If only there were a way for an absent client’s favorite instructor to reach out to them…

Introducing Client Win-Backs!

With FitGrid’s newest feature, client win-backs, instructors have the power to send personalized messages to clients that haven’t been to class in a while, in an extra effort to increase retention. These messages are scheduled to be sent automatically — as to not add another task to a busy instructor’s to-do list — but are pre-written with a customizable message created by each instructor, adding a personal touch that is more likely to be opened by clients. In fact, FitGrid win-back emails have a 50% open rate, compared to the industry average of 10-20% for messages coming from a generic studio address.

How Do Win-Backs Work?

Our win-back communication feature allows you to trigger automated messages to clients that have not visited your studio in a designated amount of time. Clients who have fallen off in terms of attendance are eligible to receive a message from their most-visited instructor acknowledging their absence, holding them more accountable to return. Accountability plays a huge role in retention, especially in the boutique fitness industry, and having a client’s favorite instructor personally invite them back to class strengthens the sense of community that every successful studio should have.

These messages are designed to convey a casual, “Hey, is everything okay? I miss having you in class!” while encouraging clients to pick up on their attendance. The call-to-action button below each win-back message provides an easy shortcut for them to get back on track and book a class. Our results also show that click-through class purchases more than cover the basic cost of the software itself. 

With this feature, your clients will remain motivated by their favorite instructor, and their attendance rates are likely to pick back up. Win-back? More like win-win!

How Can I Activate Win-Back Messages?

To get started, select the instructors you want these emails to come from. Then, designate your default fallback sender. Win-back emails will come from the fallback sender if the instructor that the client has visited the most is not enabled. Once your list of senders is finalized, it is time to customize your win-back templates, timeframes, and offers. Instructors can edit their message to suit their voice and personality, while you determine the message frequency and attached offer based on the number of days since a client’s last visit. The win-back “default buckets” are set up to send a win-back email to a client if it has been over 90, 180, or 365 days since their last visit. Once you click “activate,” your win-backs are set up and will begin to be delivered to the appropriate clients. Clients have the ability to respond to these messages as well, allowing instructors to reply and keep the conversation going. The ability to initiate a real, personal conversation between instructors and clients through follow-up and win-back messages is a feature unique to FitGrid and has been proven to dramatically increase retention rates and a sense of community within studios.

Watch Your Win-Backs Soar

Obtaining a new client costs much more money, time and resources than retaining a preexisting one. The valuable effect that win-back messages can have on your business pays for itself, as you can track your “dollars won” (packages purchased through the win-back offer) and the number of clients that returned as a result of receiving a win-back message. Win-backs are just one of the many tools that FitGrid offers for fitness studio owners and instructors to strengthen their fitness community and form personal bonds with clients. After all, when a client walks back through your studio doors, shouldn’t they expect the smiling faces of their instructors and peers who are glad to see them again?

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Set up win-backs in your FitGrid account, or book a free FitGrid demo to start increasing profitability and retention rates at your fitness studio.


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