Success Stories

Authenticity and Positivity Helped This Studio Thrive During COVID

Lindsay Mcclelland | September 24, 2020


Success Stories

Why This Studio Owner Went All-In on Hybrid Classes

Lindsay Mcclelland | September 16, 2020


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Why Do Studios Make Pricing So Complicated?

Teresa Zanardelli | September 16, 2020


Authenticity and Positivity Helped This Studio Thrive During COVID

Studio Spotlight: the studio (mdr) When we asked this studio owner how she’s persevered through COVID-19, her answer was simple - by having a positive attitude. Positivity isn’t ju...

Why This Studio Owner Went All-In on Hybrid Classes

Studio Spotlight: Project Body Hybrid classes are on the rise, and for good reason. They keep your community together, bring in additional revenue, and provide members with options...

How Brooklyn Boulders Won With Youth Programming for Virtual

Studio Spotlight: Brooklyn Boulders What started as a pivot turned into a brand new revenue stream. When Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) closed its five climbing gyms in New York, Chicago,...

From Best Friends to Fitness Business Owners

Studio Spotlight: Pop Physique NYC How two women of color embarked on an entrepreneurial fitness journey together.  Elizabeth Taveras and Regine Lahens initially became friends ove...

This Fit Pro Built A Virtual-Only Studio During COVID

Studio Spotlight: eTONE Fitness How this fitness professional turned her network into a virtual fitness studio. Take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity.

'We realized that there was an opportunity to create a global platform' Lessons From COVID-19

Studio Spotlight: Global Collective You Live-streaming allowed this virtual-only studio to create a yoga community of teachers and students around the world. The coronavirus pandem...

How These Six Studios Engaged Their Communities During COVID-19

Keep your clients coming back with these community engagement tips from studio owners Community is a topic that comes up a lot in the boutique fitness industry, and with good reaso...

5 Ways Studios Can Celebrate International Day of Yoga Virtually

International Day of Yoga is coming up on June 21. Although this year promises to be quite different than in the past, the “holiday” still presents an opportunity for studios to re...

Six Tips for Successful Hybrid Fitness Classes

As states relax social distancing guidelines and fitness studios begin to reopen their physical locations, the idea of “hybrid” classes is top of mind for studio owners everywhere....