Converting First-Time Visitors to Regular Clients

It may be relatively easy to attract new clients to your fitness studio, but the most difficult...

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Empower Your Fitness Instructors to Increase Retention

It’s not a secret that acquiring new customers costs much more (in terms of time and money) than...

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5 Things Successful Fitness Instructors Do Every Day

It’s easy to show up to work, go through the motions and collect a paycheck. But as a fitness...

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Strengthen Your Client Relationships for Fuller Classes

Whether you are the receptionist, the studio owner, or the fitness instructor, each exchange you...

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Guide your Fitness Marketing Strategies

How to set reasonable goals and measure your success in reaching the ideal profit margin for...
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The Value of Personal Client Communication in the Technology Age

#MBNY19: Boutique Fitness Tech Landscape 2019: Thought Leadership Panel

In case you missed it:...

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