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How Millennium Dance Complex Changes Lives Using FitGrid Follow-Ups

Nicole | October 3, 2019


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How to Use Client Segmentation to Boost Retention

Ntiedo Etuk | September 23, 2019


Business Owner Insights

Why Your Fitness Studio Needs Client Feedback to Survive

Nicole | September 18, 2019


How to Use Client Segmentation to Boost Retention

Targeted Engagement + Actionable Insights = Increased Retention & Revenue

Segment More Strategically for Better Client Relationships

As a studio owner, do you sometimes walk in the door and wonder “what can I do today to improve my business?” and find yourself not knowing the answer?

Connect Your Fitness Studio Clients and Watch Your Retention Soar

The fitness industry relies on human connection. Creating a sense of community to unite clients and instructors positively impacts sales and retention rates.

3 Simple Steps to Help You Hit Your Profit Goals

Your instructors are the key to your business and the majority of your workforce.

The Simple Secret To Better Retention At Your Studio

What really keeps a fitness client coming back? Nt Etuk, CEO & Founder of FitGrid, explains how instructors can form a community to increase studio retention and sales.

Strengthen Your Community to Strengthen Retention

Particularly in the boutique fitness industry, community plays a huge role in whether or not clients choose to return. Working out can be a vulnerable situation for many, and havin...

Strengthen Your Client Relationships by Harnessing the Power of Your Instructors

Fitness instructors spend the most time with clients, so facilitating stronger bonds between them is the best way to increase studio retention.