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Connect Your Fitness Studio Clients and Watch Your Retention Soar

Ntiedo Etuk | May 1, 2019

The fitness industry relies on human connection. Creating a sense of community to unite clients and instructors positively impacts sales and retention rates.

Humans have an instinct to form groups based on shared experiences and understanding. Especially in the fitness industry, where clients can feel vulnerable working out with a group of strangers, it is important for studio owners to encourage a strong sense of community. Providing the tools necessary for students to form fitness “families” has an incredible effect on retention. Happy clients will keep coming back to your studio and can even spread positive word of mouth to others, drawing new leads!

“The fitness businesses that succeed the most, create spaces and opportunities for people to connect. They offer tools to bring people together.” - Nt Etuk, Founder & CEO of FitGrid

This article written for the Association of Fitness Studios’ blog, by Nt Etuk, explains the significance of building a fitness community for your business and provides tips to do so.

Posted by Ntiedo Etuk

Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a ground-breaking connectivity platform for fitness communities. Prior to starting FitGrid, Nt founded DimensionU, an educational video game platform, and YourGuru, a trusted marketplace and social platform for the health and fitness industry. He is also Co-Founder of Boutique Fitness Summits.

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