Here Comes the Third Wave. Is Your Studio Ready?

Lindsay Mcclelland | November 10, 2020

As winter approaches, fitness studio owners have to be prepared for colder weather and a third wave of the coronavirus. With potential closures looming and the holiday season around the corner, it’s up to you as a studio owner to give your clients options to fit their comfort levels. To help you out, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of resources to guide you through live-streaming, hybrid classes, and reopening best practices. 

Brush up on your live-streaming skills

In this piece, we offer 11 tips for instructors to improve their live-streaming classes. From engaging your clients to using Zoom filters, we’ve got you covered.

Teach two audiences at once with hybrid fitness classes 

In-person classes that are also live-streamed are known as hybrid fitness classes, a format popularized during the pandemic. We interviewed six different studio owners to find out how they’ve successfully taught hybrid classes to increase revenue and offer their clients more options. 

Create a virtual community with FitGrid 

The FitGrid Class App is a new social network that connects a studio’s in-person and virtual communities. Find out how Evolution Power Yoga has successfully used it during the pandemic.

Offer the right product mix

In this video FitGrid CEO & Founder, Nt Etuk, and yoga studio consultant Josh Biro discuss the ideal product mix to reopen your business with as well as the pros and cons of live-streaming and VOD.

Cover your bases legally with waivers and updated agreements

We consulted with fitness industry legal expert Cory Sterling to find out what studio owners need to know about reopening their fitness studios from a legal perspective.

Make your clients feel safe

One of your most important considerations in reopening your studio should be how to put your clients’ minds at ease. In our latest guide, we interviewed studio owners who have successfully reopened and shared their feedback with you. 

We believe in you and your studio. That’s why we’ve created a suite of products designed to keep your community together. Sign up for a free trial of FitGrid today.


Lindsay McClelland manages social media and influencer marketing for FitGrid. As a self-proclaimed "people person" who loves group fitness classes for the social aspect, she was immediately drawn to FitGrid for its innovation in keeping fitness communities together during a crisis. Her passion for fitness and wellness brands stems from her personal interests as a yoga teacher, competitive marathon runner, and former collegiate swimmer.

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