How Instructors and Staff Can Help You Grow Your Fitness Studio

Jacqui Somen | May 4, 2021

As you reopen your fitness studio post-pandemic, you might be wondering how you are going to rebuild your client base.

A lot has changed in the fitness industry during this time, but chances are you have tools at your fingertips to help you increase gym revenue right now. In fact, your most valuable customer retention resources aren’t fancy marketing plans or promotions, they are your people. Your instructors and staff are the face of your studio and are engaging with your clients every day. Enrolling them in building deeper connections and a stronger community around their classes can make a world of difference in the customer experience, and your bottom line.

Here are seven ways that your instructors and staff can help you increase studio membership:

  1. Ask your instructors and staff for feedback.
    What are your staff members seeing in the studio? Where do they see room for improvement? What do they need in order to feel that they can thrive in their job? Your employees likely have a different idea of what is going on in your studio than you do. That shift in perspective can offer you real insights into how to improve the experience for everyone.

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  2. Make sure your clients have a pleasant and consistent experience with every staff member.
    Research shows that customer-centric companies are 60 percent more profitable than companies that aren't and that customers will spend 17 percent more for a good experience. Every single instructor and staff member has the opportunity to help your clients feel great about being in your studio. Take some time to lay out expectations for client communication with your team and get them excited about the benefits of building deeper connections with your students.

  3. Encourage your instructors to connect with their clients.
    What better way to keep clients engaged than through the people who see them the most? Your instructors likely spend a lot of time with students and have some of the best opportunities to strike up a conversation. Encourage your instructors to communicate more with clients both in-person and online. Tools like the FitGrid Pro Instructor App can help make customized instructor-to-client communication simple and effective, plus it can help increase your studio membership.

  4. Use automated tools to make following up with clients easier.
    Following up with customers at certain points in their customer lifecycle can significantly increase retention. How will you remember to follow up with every client at just the right time? Automating your marketing communications can help you stay organized and convert leads into clients. In one analysis, automated marketing emails increased leads by 80% and conversion by 77%. FitGrid offers automated outreach tools, such as Client Outreach and Win-backs that allow you to send customized follow-ups to your clients at the most effective moments.

  5. Ask your clients for feedback on your instructors.
    Ask your clients to give you feedback on their experience. What did they love or not love about the instructor’s class? At the end of the day, your business is here to improve your clients’ quality of life — and they know what they need better than anyone. FitGrid’s
    Client Feedback function makes it simple to gather client insights about your instructors.

  6. Engage instructors in helping clients achieve their goals.
    Working towards a challenging goal is one of the main reasons people stick with an exercise program. Encourage your instructors to demonstrate a real interest in people’s objectives and help them build towards success every time they are in the studio. Have your instructors review this information before class to help them give your clients more personalized and effective support. FitGrid offers easy-to-use tools that allow you to keep track of client goals and motivations.

  7. Conduct customer experience training sessions for all staff and instructors.
    Take time to gather all of your staff members together to reinforce your brand values and the need to help every single one of your customers feel special. Make it fun, make it a party, but make sure that your staff leaves equipped with the tools to help your business increase customer retention.

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Building a strong and loyal community is the best way to increase gym revenue and community building is all about people. Equip everyone in your studio with the tools to cultivate meaningful human connections and watch your studio memberships grow.


Jacqui Somen is a health and wellness writer and NASM certified personal trainer who simply loves being in motion. She has been working in the industry for more than 14 years. When she’s not writing or working out, you can find her outside exploring the local trails. Follow Jacqui’s adventures at @vivamafit.

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