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How to Avoid Burnout in the Fitness Industry

Keitha Gallien | September 1, 2020

Our clients could be forgiven for thinking that because we preach mindfulness in our classes, our lives are the picture of health and balance. The unfortunate truth is that burnout is as common among us as in other professions, maybe more so. That’s because as fitness professionals we always put our clients first. 

Skating on the edge of burnout is no way to live, period. But it’s also no way to live if you’re trying to help others achieve their best selves. Your personal brand and career are at stake along with your health. Here’s some advice on what to do to if you’re concerned about burnout:

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

The best way to protect your personal time is to set boundaries. If you always say “yes,” you’ll always be working. Set communication times to avoid calls after hours, and don’t be afraid to remove low-attendance classes from your schedule. Your time is valuable. By protecting it, you’ll be more present when your clients and team need it most.

Create an accountability system

Being a fitness entrepreneur isn’t easy. Instead of going at it alone, connect to your community. Find role models and business mentors through organizations like Boutique Fitness Solutions to guide you, help you manage stress, and offer fresh perspectives. Industry-specific Facebook groups are another way to directly connect with peers for advice and mentorship. The more motivated and focused you are, the less likely you are to experience burnout. 

Prioritize rest and recovery

 As fitness professionals, we preach recovery to our clients. We also need to prioritize it for ourselves. Make sure to program rest days into your schedule so that you're fueling your body adequately. Try to get to bed at a reasonable time, especially if you teach early morning classes or work a power nap into your day. When you don’t give yourself adequate recovery, you’re more likely to experience chronic fatigue, overuse injuries, or illness.

Schedule phone-free breaks

Between teaching, training, and working on your business, the workday can feel never-ending. Add periodic breaks into your schedule to reset your mind and body. When you take a break, give yourself a change of scenery. Go to a quiet space where you can unwind and relax. When you take this time away from work, limit your phone usage or avoid it completely so you’re not tempted to answer calls, messages, or get wrapped up in social media. 

Get organized

Accomplishing everything on your to-do list can be overwhelming. Use a calendar and project management system to stay organized with your clients, staff, and operations. Then, look at ways you can streamline your processes. For example, if you’ve been sending Zoom links manually for virtual classes, free up some admin time by switching to FitGrid LIVE. 

Create a self-care routine

Self-care is vital for any fitness professional, and you should always evaluate your mental and physical health. If you’re not well, it will affect your business. Create a self-care routine that revitalizes your body and mind. Practice yoga, meditate, take an Epsom salt bath, or take a day off when you need it. You can’t effectively be there for others if you haven’t properly cared for yourself.

Don’t go at it alone

Every great fitness business has a successful team behind them. It is essential to get help as quickly as possible to reduce stress, operate efficiently, and grow your brand. Use software like FitGrid to automate your community management and outsource other tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse to professionals like the Fit Support Team. When you build the right team, you can focus on running your business and empowering your clients. 

As a fitness professional, it’s important to lead by example. And in a time when so many people are experiencing stress, fitness is their outlet. Be there for your clients and be there for yourself.

Let us help you. To start live-streaming and gain access to FitGrid’s communication tools,  start your free 30-day trial today.


Keitha Gallien is the Founder of the Fit Support Team, a business support service that helps fitness professionals with their business operations. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Digital Marketing Specialist that enjoys training clients of all fitness levels and loves to provide support, encouragement, and help to athletes looking to achieve their goals. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and working outdoors.

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