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How to Maximize Recurring Memberships During COVID-19

Sheri Colosimo | August 3, 2020

Keep your clients engaged and loyal with these tips

The pandemic has transformed most people’s fitness habits dramatically. That’s why now more than ever boutique fitness studios need to focus on membership retention in order to keep their communities—and businesses—alive and well. It’s up to you as the studio owner to take the initiative. These four tips will help you get started:

Collaborate with other businesses

All businesses and owners have been affected during this time. Now more than ever, we need to create opportunities to lift each other up.  Reach out to local coffee shops, cafes, and outdoor event centers, and parks to create outdoor fitness classes that benefit your studio and the local business hosting the event.

Add value to memberships

Look for additional ways to provide more value to your memberships through exclusive content. Convert recordings of your live-stream classes into on-demand content and reference your FitGrid instructor reports to see which instructors your members would love to have special access to. Another great way to increase the value of your memberships is by providing tools for personal development and education through member-only workshops and trainings.

Communicate with your members often

This time of social isolation has reopened our eyes to the power of human connection. We have the opportunity to remind our students just how important they are to our communities. FitGrid’s client outreach tool is a great way to do that. By using the recommendation engine you can connect with clients in different segments, including those that might be at risk of canceling their membership. In addition to FitGrid’s software, work with your team to call members and personally ask them to join you for a class. Surprise your members with a video call through FaceTime, Skype,  or Marco Polo or send a personal snail mail note to welcome all of your members back to the studio.

Show your appreciation

Small actions go a long way. Gift your members with a small thank you present like branded stickers, water bottles, or apparel. A branded gift is the perfect way to give your clients a regular reminder about your studio. Paired with a handwritten thank you note, this simple gift will go a long way.  Another way to show your appreciation is to acknowledge your members on social media or in your newsletter. Tag them in posts and pictures and celebrate their accomplishments. Combine gift-giving with social shoutouts to highlight your most loyal members and express your gratitude for their support and hard work during these challenging times.

As you create your strategy for retention, take time to reflect on your mission and values. Your clients have been loyal and supportive for a reason. Remember what you stand for and allow that to inform what would be most meaningful for your community.

To get started with live-streaming and FitGrid’s community management tools, sign up for a free trial of FitGrid today.


Sheri Colosimo has contributed to the growth of several major wellness and education brands in various markets with her ability to create and execute strategic plans that positively influenced the customer experience and company culture. She has designed and facilitated her own programs to support clients with training and inspiring teams to bring their company mission to life and empower them to understand their core values and utilize their natural strengths to do meaningful work. Connect with Sheri to learn how to offer your members her Discover Yourself Online Workshop.

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