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How to Use Client Segmentation to Boost Retention

Ntiedo Etuk | September 23, 2019

Targeted Engagement + Actionable Insights = Increased Retention & Revenue

As an owner or manager of a fitness studio, communicating with each and every client is vital for success and to ensure the best possible experience. Sure, it may be easy to send a quick bulk message to every client in your contacts at once, but that isn’t necessarily the most effective approach. Just as each person who visits your studio is unique, so are their habits, preferences, and concerns as a customer. Developing a better understanding of each client through segmentation can lead to greater insights about the people who walk through your studio’s doors, setting you up to provide a better overall experience. Providing optimal customer experience increases your retention efforts, which ultimately leads to increased growth of your business.

Segmentation: Old Technique, New Approach

Customer segmentation is not new. In fact, many industries have used segmentation techniques for years to divide customers into distinct groups, to gain deeper insight into clients’ priorities and preferences (e.g. sending the right message to the right customer at the right time), and tailor specific offerings to their audience.

Though automated messages are a quick and convenient way to reach out to clients, most marketplace solutions don’t segment clients to facilitate sending the most effective messages possible. That’s where FitGrid comes in. What makes FitGrid’s approach so powerful is the focus on segmentation with an established community management system. These segmented groups of clients each share similar qualities and habits within your studio, making it easier to market to them specifically or address any gray areas within customer services. 

Historically, studio owners, managers, and instructors have used FitGrid’s tools to interact with clients in meaningful ways that help studios foster relationships between the studio and clients. Leveraging instructors to enhance the client experience has led to significant increases in-studio return rate and overall client satisfaction: for example, Pure Body Studio saw a 52.78% increase in first-time visitors returning to class after receiving follow-up messages from their instructor through FitGrid.

The same personal touch that exists in FitGrid’s instructor follow-up emails is extended even further with our approach to segmentation.

Targeted Engagement Through Segmentation

To continue growing and sustaining the client experience, segmenting clients based on similar behaviors can serve a few different purposes. For studio owners and managers, FitGrid provides a daily list of recommended tasks, removing the guesswork in managing the day-to-day client experience. The completion of each task represents an opportunity to incrementally grow a studio’s retention and revenue. 

Let’s take two sample segments: “member with declining attendance” and “big spender”. Clients falling into either of these two categories are treated very differently. For these and all segments, we provide a daily list of action items which include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Which specific clients you should reach out to
  • Who at the studio should send the message (e.g. instructor, studio manager, etc.)
  • A recommendation of what each message should say

Each task initiates a message to an individual client that is specific and relevant to their status within the studio.  The contents of the recommended messages are behavioral in nature, meaning the “completion” of a task by a studio owner, manager, or instructor is designed to trigger or reinforce a targeted behavior in clients. The delivery of each targeted behavior (e.g. purchase a membership) is optimized for ease and efficiency. 

Actionable Insights, Seamless Integration

Targeted engagement is extremely helpful in optimizing clients’ connection to studios, but the insights alone that studios gain from the FitGrid Studio Client Outreach feature are worth their weight in gold. FitGrid does all of the heavy-lifting in terms of analyzing your data and providing a lexicon for helping you to better understand your studio audience. It also provides additional insight into each client’s journey that otherwise may not have been immediately obvious or accessible to you, such as when to reach out to a client with declining attendance before it’s too late, or converting longtime loyal clients into ambassadors to support new client acquisition. 

Client Outreach integrates seamlessly into FitGrid’s existing product features in a way that enhances the value of FitGrid’s already successful community management solution. 


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Nt Etuk is the Founder & CEO of FitGrid and Co-Founder of BFS. The team at FitGrid has been working around the clock to create a simple, more automated live-stream solution FitGrid LIVE – that automatically connects Zoom and MINDBODY, for group fitness studios, in response to the crisis hitting the industry.

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