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Why Your Fitness Studio Needs Client Feedback to Survive

Nicole Cier | September 18, 2019

Have you ever read or heard a negative review about your fitness studio and wondered what could have been done to prevent it?

Or asked yourself if you could have intercepted this experience to save the studio from being criticized online, potentially for first-time clients to stumble upon and ruin their first impression before even taking a class? 

Avoiding negative online reviews can be as simple as asking a quick question as a session empties out. Take the time to ask clients about their experience each time they attend a class at your studio. Following up after class with a question like, “How did it go?” or “Is there anything about that class that you would change?” encourages clients to voice their opinion before they even leave the building. Addressing these suggestions may lead to a positive experience that they will want to share with friends and family — according to AdWeek, 74% of consumers pinpoint word of mouth as one of the top influencers in their purchasing decisions. And experts at Forbes report that a customer is likely to tell an average of nine people about a positive experience, but up to 16 people about a bad one. The only thing worse than a bad customer experience is a completely average one, as the goal for your business’ customer service should be to make it as memorable and special as possible.

Sometimes just giving clients the option of taking a customer satisfaction survey is enough to leave them with a positive impression because it is comforting to have an outlet for their suggestions and to know that your business truly cares about meeting their needs for a memorable experience. As a bonus, encouraging clients to review your studio helps to reinforce their positive opinions and inspire them to keep coming back. It can also help you identify which areas of your business should be changed or improved for the sake of client retention.

If you really want to take your customer service to the next level, create a survey for clients to provide their experience-based opinions and suggestions. Or better yet, use the one we’ve already made for you! If you choose to opt-in to our client feedback feature as a studio owner on FitGrid, feedback requests are delivered to each client at your studio on a quarterly basis for each instructor they attend. Unlike any other client feedback programs, FitGrid surveys provide feedback from each client directly to you, as an owner or manager, and if you choose, anonymously to your instructors. Clients have the chance to evaluate each instructor that you enable, through a Net Promoter Score, and leave additional comments.

Allowing instructors to receive anonymous client feedback provides positive reinforcement for their teaching strengths and highlights areas that need further development,  ultimately inspiring growth and taking their performance to the next level. Encouraging instructors to learn from their feedback paves the way to their own improvement as a fitness professional, and strengthens client relationships at your studio by showing them that their suggestions are valued.

Improving your studio based on feedback from the people that matter most ensures client satisfaction, enthusiasm, and loyalty towards your brand. Being receptive to suggestions and constructive criticism allows your business to grow and cultivates a positive experience that clients will remember and want to share. And as John Moore, a marketer for Starbucks and Whole Foods, says, “If people are not talking about you, they are forgetting about you.”

To get started with FitGrid Client Feedback, or to learn more about how  FitGrid can help increase retention and profitability at your studio, click  here.


Marketing Intern at FitGrid, Strategic Communication & Marketing student at Rowan University.

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