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How to build a state of the art fitness studio that will set you apart from competition Cutting-edge technology can be found in every corner of society, including inside fitness st...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the fitness industry forever. The landscape has shifted, your customers’ needs have evolved, even your staff might not be the same. How do you nav...

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Why a two-week membership strategy might be the best solution for your studio After a 20 year career in finance, I began to work with fitness and wellness owners to help them make ...

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Before becoming VP of Customer Support at FitGrid, I was a studio operator and boutique fitness consultant. I spoke with countless studio owners and managers who were overwhelmed b...

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Instructor turnover: the struggle is real! A revolving door of teachers at your studio creates a host of problems. It’s difficult to build your optimal schedule, hiring and trainin...

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What I learned from years of hiring and managing employees Instructors have a vision for growing their classes and keeping their students engaged. Owners have a vision for growing ...

Stop Managing your Business with Your Gut. Use Real Data to Empower Your Instructors.

Your instructors are the face of your business. They usually spend the most time with your clients and they are often the reason people come back over and over again.

5 Ways Fitness Industry Networking Can Improve Your Business and Life

To quote Hamilton, creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s famous song, “Be in the room where it happens.  The room where it happens…No one really knows how the game is played/ The art of th...

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Boutique fitness businesses have relied on in-person revenue for years, but this year is different. Digital offerings are now the primary source of income for studios. And that mea...

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Picture this: you are seconds away from your next class starting and that new student who is running late walks through the door. In a panic, you get them signed in as you are pret...

3 Top Fitness Marketing Strategies for Your Post-Pandemic Business

The aftermath of the pandemic is real - nearly 20% of fitness facilities closed due to the impact of COVID-19 on their business.

Rebuild Your Studio Membership Base With These Customer Win-back Tools

Customer win-back strategies for rebuilding your fitness studio membership base post-COVID. In all likelihood, COVID shutdowns have drastically changed your studio membership base....