The Simple Secret To Better Retention At Your Studio

Ntiedo Etuk | April 10, 2019

What really keeps a fitness client coming back?

Nt Etuk, CEO & Founder of FitGrid, explains how instructors can form a community to increase studio retention and sales.

With increasing competition in the boutique fitness industry, the main attraction that keeps clients coming back is the connection they have to a studio, the people in it, and the experience it offers. The more connected a client feels to your community, the more likely it is that they will stay.

“Once a client has chosen your studio, it's all about the connection to the people around them.”  - Nt Etuk, Founder & CEO of FitGrid

The most valuable resources to facilitate connection within your studio are your instructors and clients. Clients may recognize a few faces each session or have friendly acquaintances, but if they do not truly feel a bond with the people in your studio, there is no guarantee they will return regularly. If you want your retention rates and sales to soar, make the worthwhile investments mentioned in this article to strengthen community and form a true fitness family that keeps everyone connected and active.




Nt Etuk is the Founder & CEO of FitGrid and Co-Founder of BFS. The team at FitGrid has been working around the clock to create a simple, more automated live-stream solution FitGrid LIVE – that automatically connects Zoom and MINDBODY, for group fitness studios, in response to the crisis hitting the industry.

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