Strengthen Your Community to Strengthen Retention

Ntiedo Etuk | March 26, 2019

Particularly in the boutique fitness industry, community plays a huge role in whether or not clients choose to return.

Working out can be a vulnerable situation for many, and having a network of people with similar goals supporting them can foster a genuine social bond and thus, a reason for clients to continue to return. Human connection is at the foundation of the fitness business.

“Once a client has chosen your studio, the connections to others are what keep them around.”

Investing in tools that foster deeper connections amongst clients and instructors can prove to be a valuable resource in increasing retention rates. This article written by Founder and CEO of FitGrid, Nt Etuk, for the MindBody for Business blog explains the importance of a “fitness family,” and how any studio can easily lay the foundation for clients to form one, to aid in their decision to keep coming back as well as their studio’s business.

Posted by Ntiedo Etuk

Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a ground-breaking connectivity platform for fitness communities. Prior to starting FitGrid, Nt founded DimensionU, an educational video game platform, and YourGuru, a trusted marketplace and social platform for the health and fitness industry. He is also Co-Founder of Boutique Fitness Summits.

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