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These Data Points Will Help Your Fitness Studio Enhance Customer Experience and Improve Retention

Jessica Christin | May 13, 2021

Picture this: you are seconds away from your next class starting and that new student who is running late walks through the door. In a panic, you get them signed in as you are pretty much trying to start class at the same time and now you are going in blind. You barely remember their name and know pretty much nothing about them. You do your best to support them and encourage them- maybe even suggest they pick up a heavier weight or go deeper into the yoga pose, but you really have no idea what would best support their needs and goals. 

Rather than walking into the studio blindly, you want to enter each class empowered to create the best experience for your clients. The more you know about your customers, the better you can create an environment that makes them feel comfortable, safe, and with the desire to visit your studio regularly.

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Here are five key pieces of information that can help you enhance customer experience, create more effective communication and improve membership retention at your fitness studio:

Customer goals - Working towards a challenging goal is a main motivator for people who exercise regularly. The more you know about what incentivizes people to come to your studio, the more you can support them in achieving their objectives. Keep track of your customers’ goals and use that information to check in with them every so often. You can also form groups, challenges, and classes around customers who share similar objectives.

Customer injuries - If your students are injured, you will want to know right away. Keep track of your clients’ injuries so that you can review this information while preparing for your classes. Making modifications before your class even starts can help your students experience a safer and more enjoyable workout in your studio. 

Customer personality - Are your clients outgoing or introverted? If you know that your clients are shy, you might approach them differently during class. Instead of calling out these students, maybe you can make a point to pull them aside and chat one on one after class. Customized communication deepens bonds both online and in real life.  Understanding and taking note of your clients’ attitudes and preferences can help enhance the customer experience and encourage your students to come back for more. 

Favorite instructor - Instructors are your number one tool for customer retention. Knowing your clients’ favorite instructor can help you better engage with your members without sending out sales email after sales email. Enrolling instructors in communicating with students has been proven to get people back in the studio. For example, Pure Body Studio saw a 52.78% increase in first-time visitors returning to class after receiving follow-up messages from their instructor.

Favorite class - If you know your customers’ favorite class types and times, it can help you craft more effective marketing communications. If you tailor emails to your clients’ preferences, they will be more inclined to open and take action on your communications. Segmented marketing emails have been shown to significantly improve both open and click rates.

Once you find a system to track your customer insights, you can use all of this information to create tailored automated communication to all of these groups through segmented marketing campaigns. A tool such as FitGrid (and it’s Member Insights feature) makes it simple to capture all of this information and create marketing messages in a way that will seamlessly improve client experience and membership retention. 

The bottom line is that it is imperative to understand your clients to build a meaningful community, send targeted and effective marketing messages, and improve membership retention.


Jessica Christin is an ADR at FitGrid. She also has her own business with a Clean Beauty company, and is a certified yoga instructor and Health Coach! She has personal experience of over 10 years of teaching at small, local studios. She is passionate about all things related to holistic health + wellness. Jess lives in Denver and outside of her work you can find her hiking in the mountains and enjoying the Colorado lifestyle.

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