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Uplevel Your Live-Stream and Your Revenue

Lindsay Mcclelland | December 9, 2020

With vaccines on the horizon, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But with a few months to go and new lockdowns in place, it’s essential to have a plan to keep your community engaged through the holiday season and beyond. We know you’re busy, so we’ve put together a resource guide to help you brush up on live-streaming and client retention strategies.

Teach Excellent Live Classes

Maybe you stopped live-streaming during the summer, but it’s time to refresh those virtual skills. Whether your studio is open or not, your clients may not feel comfortable working out in person. This article will get you up to speed on teaching an excellent live-stream class. [read more]

Be Professional From Home

One of the best things about live-streaming is that you can do it from anywhere, even your home. But to ensure you’re still providing value to your clients, you have to find a balance between casual and professional. Share this resource with your teaching team to maintain consistency across your class schedule. [read more]

Create New Virtual Services

Listening to your clients is one of the keys to retention. Find out what your virtual clients need and create new services for them. In this one-page guide, we share five new revenue streams designed to help clients with their uniquely 2020 challenges.  [read more]

Plan Virtual Holiday Parties

Celebrating the holidays from afar doesn’t have to be boring. Find out how Exhale Spa has created virtual holiday parties to make corporate and family celebrations more meaningful this year.  [read more]

Use Tech To Connect Your Community

The fitness industry relies on human connection, but how do you replicate it virtually? FitGrid CEO & Founder Nt Etuk explains how the FitGrid Class App can bring your close-knit in-person community together and increase retention.  [read more]

Challenge Your Clients 

One of the best ways to keep live-streaming clients motivated is to challenge them. In our latest guide, you’ll learn how to execute a fitness challenge that’ll keep your clients engaged while helping them reach their goals. [read more]

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Fitness is supposed to be fun, especially with friends, and Mark Fisher Fitness is the prime example. Find out how this studio incorporates themed classes and non-fitness virtual events into its programming to create a community that loves to workout together. [read more]

We’ve been helping fitness studios go virtual since the beginning of the pandemic. Let us help you. Start your 30-day free trial of FitGrid today.


Lindsay McClelland is a digital marketing professional and content creator with a passion for fitness. As a self-proclaimed "people person" who loves group fitness classes for the social aspect, she was drawn to FitGrid for its innovation in keeping fitness communities together during a crisis. Her passion for fitness and wellness brands stems from her personal interests as a yoga teacher, competitive marathon runner, and former collegiate swimmer.

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