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'We realized that there was an opportunity to create a global platform' Lessons From COVID-19

Lindsay Mcclelland | July 28, 2020

Studio Spotlight: Global Collective You

Live-streaming allowed this virtual-only studio to create a yoga community of teachers and students around the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged us all—and in response to those challenges, we’ve seen stories of success and innovation. Today’s Studio Spotlight is one of those stories. Global Collective You is a studio born out of the pandemic that brings quality yoga teachers to students around the world, and they’ve done this using FitGrid’s live-streaming technology and retention tools

We sat down with Global Collective You co-creator Susan Walker to learn more about her studio and what it was like to found a business during COVID-19.

FitGrid: What inspired you to launch Global Collective You?

Susan Walker: Our studio was founded during the pandemic. So many teachers had lost their teaching jobs, and we wanted to create a pay scale to help them capture income during this challenging time. Additionally, we realized that there was an opportunity to create a global platform where you have access to teachers that you wouldn’t have had access to before. It’s a Global Collective using yoga and wellness to unite the world. 

FG: When did your studio open?

SW: We opened our virtual studio on April 24, 2020. We’ve seen how challenging it has been for studios to stay open, whether local regulations allow it or not. Many people don’t feel comfortable going to an in-person class. Live-streaming was the perfect solution for us because it allowed us to open and adopt a global model that brings students and teachers together.

FG: Where are your teachers located?

SW: We started with a lot of well respected local teachers in Atlanta, where I’m physically located. From there we expanded to include teachers we’d met through traveling internationally or in yoga training sessions. One of the first teachers we brought on lives in Montana, but she previously lived in Atlanta so her classes filled up quickly because people who missed her classes had access to her again. We now have teachers across the US and the world including: Chicago, Detroit, Colorado, California, Montana, Australia, India, Argentina, Africa, Belize, and Greece.

FG: How have you grown your studio and acquired new customers?

SW: Our studio is very instructor based. We’ve hired some of the best yoga teachers in the world to teach on our platform, and they bring their student base with them. Many yoga teachers aren’t used to marketing themselves so we’ve been coaching them on best practices. We also recruit teachers that we know are good at doing this. Since they’re paid per head, it’s in their best interest to get people into their classes. 

Now that we’ve been open for a few months, we’re starting to see more crossover of students that came for one teacher and discovered a new one through our platform. We are hoping to keep growing so we can start offering a monthly membership rate.

FG: How do you retain your students and keep them coming back?

SW: We’re intentional about our schedule and offer a variety of classes as well as special workshops and events like our donation classes with Africa Yoga Project and recent handstand workshop. We also believe in the importance of keeping the lines of communication between our instructors and students open. That’s why we love the ability to reach out to our clients through the FitGrid Pro app. Simply thanking first-time students for coming to class has made a huge difference in retention!

FG: Any parting tips for studio owners looking to attract a global audience?

SW: Make sure your instructors understand the importance of self-promotion. They have to be willing to get involved and keep the lines of communication open. Part of the intention behind building this global collective was to create a community and your instructors are part of that! They help advertise the business and have made it possible for us to have students from all over the world in our classes!  

Set your studio up to be successful with live-streaming, community building, and retention—even during a pandemic. Sign up for your free trial of FitGrid today.


Lindsay McClelland manages social media and influencer marketing for FitGrid. As a self-proclaimed "people person" who loves group fitness classes for the social aspect, she was immediately drawn to FitGrid for its innovation in keeping fitness communities together during a crisis. Her passion for fitness and wellness brands stems from her personal interests as a yoga teacher, competitive marathon runner, and former collegiate swimmer.

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