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Your Studio Can Become Its Own Lifestyle Brand. Here’s How

Peri Shaplow | August 4, 2020

Have you ever wondered how you can turn your business into a lifestyle brand beyond your classes? The last few months have challenged fitness studios to think of creative new ways to drive revenue and attract new clients. Forging partnerships with consumer brands is one of the best ways to do all these things.  Here are three ways to get creative, embrace technology, and take your partnerships up a notch.

Use brand partners to create unique class experiences

Take partnerships to the next level by integrating brand experiences into your classes. JustLikeOm, a boutique yoga and pilates studio in New York City that uses FitGrid, partnered with wellness CBD brand Mandara to create a CBD & Chill class. The class offered samples of Mandara’s products to attendees and sold products in the studio and online. The instructor briefly opened class with a short discussion on ways CBD can be used to enhance yoga practice. The integrated classes were very popular and sold out quickly. 

This concept can easily apply to virtual classes as well. Use the chat function in Zoom to send coupon codes or product tips to attendees and follow up with additional information after class using the FitGrid Pro app. With this mindset, even your instructors’ outfits become a shoppable new revenue stream. 

Mandara x Just Like OM


Embrace affiliate links to drive revenue

Studios already use social media to market their classes and connect with their students, but it can also be used to drive revenue. JustLikeOm deepened its partnership with Mandara by becoming part of the CBD brand’s ambassador affiliate program. By simply posting their affiliate link in their Instagram bio, JustLikeOm was able to earn revenue from Instagram posts. Since Mandara’s products were drop-shipped to JustLikeOm’s clients, no additional stress was placed on staff to fulfill the orders. 

Just Like Om x Mandara

Use giveaways to engage your audience

Instagram giveaways are a great way to grow and engage your audience. But don’t stop there. Turn your product giveaways into a business-builder by asking followers to go beyond a simple “like this post and tag a friend to enter.” Ask them for something more valuable long-term—their email address. Using giveaways to grow your email list becomes a powerful retargeting tool for your business. To keep your new audience engaged, follow up with a free class or discount on retail items to turn your prospects into customers. 

The first step to activating a partnership strategy is to review your existing partnerships. How can you take those relationships to the next level and reach your business goals? Then, build a list of potential brand partners that would complement your studio’s brand. Set a goal for how many partners you’d like to activate in a given year, and watch your memberships and revenue shine as a result.

If you’re interested in integrating Mandara’s ultra-premium wellness products into your studio, please reach out to Gretchen Dudon, Head of Retail Marketing. Enjoy 20 percent off your first personal order at by entering code FITGRID at checkout.

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Peri Shaplow is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mandara, a wellness and CBD brand based in Boulder, CO. Peri has over 20 years of experience growing brands through marketing and advertising, but you can find her in the front row of a cycle class most weeks.

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